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Yakup cares for his clients and theirs success. His timely response and availability make me feel as we have an in-house media person for my business.

Aleisha Pistilli

JustBronzed Airbrush Studio & Salon


"Before working with Yakup on my website it was flawless, now it's divine."

Tommy Savitt



"Yakup - Love your creativity, work ethic, and understanding of how my different businesses work. Your one of my best assets!"

Travis Brandt

ArrowCat Marine


“Yakup is probably one of the most brilliant people I know.  His talents seem to keep surprising me every time I work with him on a project.  He is the best at melding artistic talent with a sense of business savvy”

Mike Mercer

Mercer Events

"Yakup was the most professional and timely graphic designer I have ever worked with. He also took care of everything when I decided to build a website for a new business. I recommend him with confidence."

Chance Fernette

West-Side Blinds


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