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YAKUP TRANA - Owner, Designer, Photographer

I am a self trained multi discipline artist who can produce a wide spectrum of digital media works. My skill-set includes branding, user interface, web design, ads & banners, print media design, email newsletter design, photography, videography and music production.


I love the creative process. I like bringing concepts to life and sending them off to their destinations to see how far they travel. Whether it's a piece of music or a short video clip or some graphic design...It's a great feeling to deliver products that make the client get excited. Evidently, partaking in their sucess is the biggest reward.


It is difficult to find media and graphic services that is personable and driven to understand your business goals. I believe this genuine approach is the only way for us to contribute to your business's success.


I am a small business and I believe in small businesses. Small business is the backbone of diversity and cultural wealth in our neighborhoods. Without them we would suffer from lack of variety and genuine relationships between the consumer and the businesses.


Whether a long time collaboration or just a one-time project I treat my clients with the same care and respect.

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